Ronald Acuña Jr.'s comments on devastating injury will have Braves fans in tears

Ronald Acuña Jr. spoke to the media for the first time since tearing his ACL and his comments are heartbreaking.
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It's been almost a week since Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. went down in Pittsburgh with a nightmarish season-ending ACL injury. While we've heard from his teammates, Thursday was the first time he's spoken to the media since the announcement was made.

It's a devastating injury for the 2023 NL MVP, who suffered the same injury on his right knee just three years ago. Braves fans might remember it being reported last year that the first injury was so hard on the young superstar that he cried every day during recovery.

Unfortunately with an injury like an ACL tear, having it happen before doesn't make the second recovery any easier, and the comments he made on Thursday were soul-crushing to hear and read.

Ronald Acuña Jr's heartbreaking comments on his ACL injury

The 26-year-old outfielder thanked fans for all of the support, saying that support has been overwhelming and has him crying at home by himself.

He then said, "I feel like I'm the one abandoning the team. It feels like I'm the one letting everyone down."

Acuña Jr. also said that the team doesn't need him to win a World Series. The team's ace, Spencer Strider, also said this after he went down with a season-ending UCL injury, but this comment by Acuña is even more heartbreaking because that's exactly what happened in 2021.

Following Acuña's ACL injury in 2021, Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos transformed a mediocre Braves team that was being carried by the star right fielder into a playoff team, acquiring four outfielders to replace the one.

Of course, the team then went on a postseason run which ended with Atlanta winning its first World Series since 1995, as Acuña cheered from the sidelines.

No one knows the road back to recovery better than Acuña, and we wish him a quick and easy recovery. His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday in Los Angeles and he will stay there for a month rehabbing.

The slugger did state plans to support his teammates once he gets back from surgery and begins the recovery process. While that is honorable, it's still hard knowing he won't be able to contribute to Atlanta's ultimate goal of winning a third World Series title.

Acuña has a huge support group known as Braves Country and hopefully, that helps him persevere through difficult days.

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