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Welcome to House That Hank Built, the Atlanta Braves news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. House That Hank Built is dedicated to providing top-notch Braves news, views, and original content. This site also serves as a community for like-minded fans to come together to catch up on the latest news and to discuss their passion.


Chase Owens, Site Expert

Chase Owens has covered local high school sports for the website electric city sports in his hometown of Anderson, SC since he graduated from Anderson University in the spring of 2021. Chase has followed Braves baseball since his early childhood. Chase is currently a paid contributor for House That Hank Built.

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Steven Teal, Site Expert

I'm just someone who loves Braves baseball and loves sharing that experience with others.

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Eric Cole, Staff Writer

I have been covering the Atlanta Braves since 2015 with a big emphasis on the minor leagues. Before my time here at Fansided, I was Deputy Site Manager and Minor League Editor at Battery Power. Mike Soroka was the 2019 NLROY, Alec Bohm never touched home plate, and Jose Alvarado should have to rebuild the mound himself.

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Mitchell Barbee, Contributor

A lifelong Braves fan who spends too much time thinking about baseball. I also make YouTube videos for What Happened to Baseball and The Lefty Catcher.

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Trent Dickeson, Contributor

Braves, Beets, Millennium Falcon.

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Fred Owens, Contributor

I grew up in Illinois listening to baseball when the leagues only had 8 teams. My dad and mom died Cub fans always believing that next year would be it. I was a Cub fan until I realized I didn't believe Cub ownership wanted to win. I loved the way the Milwaukee Braves played when Red Schoendienst was at 2nd, Joe Adcock at 1st, Eddie Mathews at 3rd and and Hank Aaron in the outfield but I didn't say that out loud. I joined the Air Force in 1968 and spent 28 years there, mostly overseas without baseball. I returned in 1991 I started following the Atlanta Braves on TBS; I've been with them ever since. My oldest son is a Rangers fan while my youngest is a Braves guy like me. I'm an old school guy I guess, I see no need for a designated pinch hitter and would prefer the All Star game to be about the All Star Game. I do think replay is needed on line calls and at the bases since the technology makes such things a snap; not balls and strikes. I also think Bug $elig is a joke, blackouts are a form of censorship and we have too many teams. More on those another day. Go Braves!

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Seth Carter, Contributor

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I have written for the House the Hank Built since 2019. I own talkintomahawk.com and have a daily podcast about the Atlanta Braves to make your commute more interesting. The only thing I love more than watching old videos of Greg Maddux pitching is making other people watch old videos of Greg Maddux pitching. Twitter handle is @talkintomahawk

Matt Melton, Contributor

A graduate from The University of Alabama, Matt has been contributing here at FanSided since February of 2021. Matt is the site expert for South Bound & Down, as well as a contributor to Busting Brackets, House That Hank Built, Marlin Maniac, and Bama Hammer.

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Colin James, Contributor

Colin James is a sports writer who has been covering Mississippi State for Cowbell Corner on Sports Illustrated before joining FanSided to write about the Atlanta Braves. He currently resides in Mississippi.

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