Braves players’ reactions to Ronald Acuña injury will hit fans right in the feels

Losing an important part of the team is never easy to navigate and reactions to the recent injury of Ronald Acuña Jr. prove that.

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Ronald Acuña Jr. is done for the 2024 season and that's a tough pill to swallow. It's not the outcome fans expected from the reigning MVP. Acuña loves playing baseball and being unable to play the game he loves will be difficult.

It should come as no surprise that this will also be hard for the Braves clubhouse. Atlanta prides itself on having one of the best clubhouse cultures in Major League Baseball and that shows daily. The team also has to find a way to fill the lead-off role which has been occupied by the NL MVP for years.

There are a plethora of personalities that mesh together so incredibly well and the biggest takeaway is that they have each other's backs. It's a tight-knit group and that was obvious after some of Acuna's teammates shared their reactions to his injury news.

Ronald Acuña Jr.'s Braves teammates' reactions to his season-ending injury will hit fans right in the feels

Michael Harris II was one of the first Atlanta players to react to the news of Acuña's injury. He is no stranger to sharing his reactions online whether they be good or bad. His choice of gif on X perfectly encapsulates how many Braves fans were feeling yesterday.

It was a sense of sadness and hopelessness as fans felt the same dread they felt in 2021 when Ronald's season ended prematurely. Harris also had comments about what Acuña means to the team and baseball as a whole before Monday's game in Atlanta.

"He's changing the game. He does a lot of things that people can't do and he does it at a high rate.", Harris remarked. He continued stating, "There's a lot of young kids and even adults out there that still want to dream that they're like him one day. He means a lot."

And he's right, it's a heartbreaking injury because Acuña is a great baseball player to watch. There are so many fans even outside of Atlanta that look up to Ronald and appreciate his talent. It can't be understated how valued he is.

Chadwick Tromp also shared a post on X with three broken heart emojis which is the easiest way to describe how it feels. Catcher Sean Murphy, who returned from the IL today, said: "When you think of the Atlanta Braves, people think of Ronald."

However, the saddest thing shared last night was from Acuña himself. He simply stated he was sorry with the broken heart and sad crying emojis.

There's nothing he wanted more than to be able to stay on the field and contribute to this team. It's heartbreaking because it felt like he was starting to turn things around. No one loves the game of baseball and the city of Atlanta more than Ronald Acuña Jr.

Perhaps there is one person who felt worse than anyone else and that is Acuña's best friend on the team, Ozzie Albies.

Albies was asked what the initial emotions were when the team found out the news and he said they felt "Broken. For him to go through this again, I know it's hard. It's not something easy." The Atlanta second baseman said he understands how it feels as he's been injured before and stressed the importance of staying strong mentally so that Acuña can rehabilitate the injury and return strong next season.

Ozzie said the two of them texted last night when he found out the news and pretty much told him the same thing. To stay strong and follow what he needs to follow for the recovery process and "be ready to go next year, stronger than ever."

Staying positive is tough in this kind of situation, especially with how hard it was on Acuña the last time this happened. Ronald is lucky to have such an incredible support system around him between his teammates and his family. Acuña mentioned in his Player's Tribune article earlier this year how instrumental his family has been in helping him stay strong during tough times.

He will need all the support he can get right now because this is a difficult thing for anyone to experience once, let alone twice. He has his friends, family, and all of Braves Country behind him wishing him nothing but the best.

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