Braves vs. White Sox Weather Update: Wet weather possible for Reynaldo Lopez's debut

The weather for the Braves' matchup against the White Sox on Tuesday is less than ideal.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

One of the best things about spring Atlanta Braves baseball is that baseball is officially back and we finally get to see the Braves put on a show for 162 games. One of the worst things about spring Braves baseball is that it is the rainiest times of the year for large swaths of the country, so we have to deal with rain delays ruining our fun.

The Braves are currently in Chicago to face the White Sox and the weather has already reared its ugly head as Monday's Braves win was cut short by an inning due to rain. Unfortunately, the forecast for tonight's 7:40 PM EST game does not look promising, either.

Braves vs. White Sox Weather Update: Will there be a rain delay for Reynaldo Lopez's debut?

We already knew that the Braves series against the White Sox had some iffy (and cold) weather concerns. As of around 1:30 PM EST, the radar had a lot of heavy rain in the Chicago area with a big band of wintery mix and even snow behind it to the west. The chance of rain dips from around 85% at 7 PM to 40% around game time, but these are not ideal conditions and there is a chance that it could snow tonight.

It would be a bummer if there was a delay as it could impact Reynaldo Lopez's Braves team against his old club. The Braves signed Lopez to a three year deal and promptly converted him back into a starter at least in the short-term. One hopes that they can find a way to get this game in tonight, because things look even wetter and colder tomorrow with a high chance of it snowing at game time.

Assuming the game actually happens, Lopez will be matching up against Garrett Crochet who took a hard luck loss in his first start of the 2024 season. Crochet has big time stuff and throws quite hard, but the weather could mess him up and we all know how much the Braves love to play against lefties especially when they make mistakes.

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