Braves' Michael Harris smashes wave of Phillies fan trolls after opening series win

Money Mike did an elite job at firing back at Phillies fans online this weekend. Some of his responses will make him a huge villian in Philadelphia.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Not every athlete will take the time to respond to their hecklers during a sporting event. It's even more rare we see them engage with opposing teams fans via social media. However, 23 year-old Michael Harris II has grown up in a social media era, so firing back at opposing team trolls is a piece of cake for him.

We just wrapped up the opening series of this marathon of a baseball season, yet we've seen a ton of disdain around the league. It's safe to say money Mike won't be spending much time in Philadelphia outside the Braves required trips to Citizens Bank Park.

Michael Harris II hilariously fires back at Phillies fans

Michael Harris II had himself quite the impressive opening series in Philadelphia. His 6-14 start with a 221 wRC+ definitely made those picking him to win NL MVP happy. Understandably, the Phillies faithful weren't as thrilled with money Mike's weekend performance. After the Braves big 12-4 drubbing of Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, MH2 made sure to thank the Philly fans for their "kind" words out in centerfield

Phillies fans all across X (formerly known as Twitter) weren't too happy with the shoutout. Most Phillies trolls were quick to bring up Michael's hitless 2023 NLDS, and slow start in his postseason career thus far. Harris responded by claiming Phillies fans "boo their own players" and that Braves country "would never."

Then in the Sunday afternoon comeback win for the Phillies, fans were quick to storm at MH2 postgame. Especially when Harris had a 0-4 day, and made the final out of the game (a 107.9 mph lineout however).

After Philly fans went directly for the "Braves suck in the postseason" strategy, Harris reminded them that their last World Series championship came when he was still in elementary school in 2008.

Even with that mic drop of a reply, Phillies fans are making sure to dislike Harris on another level. Harris continued to fire back at the trolls a few more times on X, and all in all the Braves/Phillies rivalry feels to be one of the best in baseball.

I wouldn't be shocked to see this continue throughout the other 10 regular season matchups between Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Braves will make their other trip to Citizens Bank Park from August 29th-September 1st. I'm sure Harris will be greeted with a chorus of boos much like Orlando Arica did in the NLDS last season.

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