Former Brave predicts Michael Harris II to win the NL MVP this season

A lot of people are all in on Michael Harris II in 2024. Even a current player is going as far as predicting money Mike to win NL MVP.

Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees
Atlanta Braves v New York Yankees / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Money Mike’s stock is trending up in 2024. For a player that’s already produced 8.9 fWAR in his first two seasons it seems rather difficult. However, Michael Harris II is one of those rare young talents in baseball where this is possible.

People everywhere are calling for MH2 to make another leap in year three. Even current big leaguers are making some bold predictions for money Mike in 2024. This time it’s a man who shared the outfield with him on the Braves last season.

Kevin Pillar calls his shot on a money Mike MVP award

Current White Sox outfielder Kevin Pillar recently predicted Michael Harris II to win NL MVP in 2024. Pillar was on Buster Onley's "Baseball Tonight" podcast, and gave a glowing review to Michael Harris II when asked for his prediction.

Pillar said money Mike has all the tools to take the next step and there’s nothing on a baseball field he can’t do. The former Brave admitted MH2 will have stiff competition with within his own clubhouse, but that doesn’t mean a National League MVP is out of reach for Harris.

Harris II is certainly trying his best to make Pillar look brilliant with his first two games of the season. The very slow start MH2 got off to in 2023 was well-documented, but it seems Harris is determined not to let that happen two seasons in a row.

It's still very early, but a 6-9 start with one homer, .667/.700/1.111 slash line, and 367 wRC+ is about as good a start as you could draw up. Time will tell if Harris can turn Pillar's prediction into a truth, but it should be clear to all of baseball by now that money Mike is ready to make some noise in 2024.

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