Braves get promising injury update on Sean Murphy with one important caveat

Atlanta's primary catcher coming into 2024 is progressing well in his recovery, but he needs to clear an important hurdle before we get a timeline.
Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates
Atlanta Braves v Pittsburgh Pirates / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Amidst Travis d'Arnaud's rampage recently, the Atlanta Braves have been strangely quiet as to what has been going on with Sean Murphy's recovery from his oblique injury. Other than getting word that Murphy has been increasing his activity a few days ago, getting anything resembling a timeline for his return just hasn't happened.

Oblique injuries can be extremely temperamental, so it is somewhat understandable that the Braves have taken a firm wait and see approach with his recovery. However, before the Braves' game against the Marlins, we got much more clarity as to what Murphy is doing (and not doing) and when fans can expect to see him take the field again.

Braves News: Sean Murphy catching bullpens and throwing, but still isn't cleared to hit yet

While the last part of Bowman's tweet/post/whatever they are called today is his speculation, it does seem to be well-informed and practical. The last thing the Braves need is for Murphy's injury to linger deep into the season and cost them during the stretch run. Giving Murph a few more days at minimum before he starts taking hacks is a smart decision especially given that he was hurt on a swing even if fans/observers are being impatient. That he is catching and throwing already is a good sign, but caution should still rule the day here.

It sure doesn't hurt that the Braves and Travis d'Arnaud are playing really well at the moment so there is no reason whatsoever to rush things. So far, d'Arnaud has posted a 1.009 OPS this season including a torrid stretch over his last five games where he has clubbed five homers and driven in 11 runs. The Braves are winning, TdA is raking...again, why risk anything with Murphy's recovery?

Funnily enough, this situation was reversed last year as Murphy had to shoulder a lot of playing time in the first half when d'Arnaud missed an extended stretch in the first half of 2023 with a concussion. One hopes that Murphy can return before TdA gets too gassed as that was an issue Murphy dealt with last season especially during the hot summer months in Atlanta. However, this is the hand the Braves have been dealt and it definitely seems like TdA is plenty fresh at the moment.

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