5 Reasons the Atlanta Braves Won't Win the World Series

Here are five areas of concern for the Atlanta Braves as they march toward a World Series Championship in 2023.

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Atlanta Braves Offense Implodes

The entire lineup is pretty much having a career year. What if they slow down? Let's take a look at some of the paces. Not all of these are sustainable over an entire season.

We have covered how the Braves are on pace to smash all the team offensive records (mostly set by the 2003 version of the team), and several individual records.

Obviously, the Braves are on pace to destroy some impressive offensive numbers, but that doesn't mean they will. Baseball is a game of ebbs and flows. Streaks of good and streaks of bad.

Perhaps the Braves are about to implode offensively. Get cold at the wrong time? Even if they did slow down, several players would finish with career years. It wouldn't be so surprising if the bats cooled down over the next couple of months.

Take a look at some of the paces and how they are outperforming career trends on the next slide.