5 Atlanta Braves Franchise Records on Pace to be Broken in 2023

The Atlanta Braves are the best team in baseball and have one of the best teams we've ever seen. We take a look at several Braves' franchise records that are on pace to be broken in 2023.
Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays
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Spencer Strider broke his own record last night as the fasted pitcher to get to 200 strikeouts. It's pretty crazy to think that a guy in his second season has set the record in both years. In fact, many of the stats these Braves are putting up are insane. So here's a look at some franchise records that are on pace to fall this season.

Atlanta Braves Most RBI in a Season

Gary Sheffield holds the single-season RBI record with 132 RBI in 2003. It seemed like every time he waggled the bat a run scored. What a lineup that was! Andruw Jones also contributed 116 RBI that same season, which is currently good for the eighth-most in franchise history.

Matt Olson is currently on pace to shatter the franchise record. The slugger leads the league in RBI with 90 after just 105 games. He is on pace to finish with 139 RBI.

Atlanta Braves: Most Runs Scored in a Season

Dale Murphy holds the all-time record with 131 runs scored in the 1983 season.

Acuna is the most dynamic leadoff hitter we may have ever seen. He is getting on base at a .416 clip this season and leads the league in stolen bases. With the powerhouse of a lineup behind him, it is no surprise he is on pace to take down the franchise's record for most runs scored in a season. Acuna is on pace for 143 runs scored, 12 more than Murph's record season.

Atlanta Braves: Most Home Runs in Season

Matt Olson is on pace to clobber 56 home runs this season. That's five more than Andruw Jones' record of 51, set in 2005. Olson is also on pace to torch the record for most homers by a left-hander. The current record is held by Darrell Evans, with 41 in 1973. Olson might have that one within a week or two!

Atlanta Braves: Most Stolen Bases in a Season

Otis Nixon has held this record since 1991 with 72 stolen bases. Acuna is on pace for 79.

Atlanta Braves: Most Strikeouts in a Season

John Smoltz is the obvious answer with 276 Ks in 1996. Spencer Strider just became the fastest player to reach 200 strikeouts in a season in MLB history. As we discussed earlier, after two seasons, he holds the top two spots on that list.

If he can put the innings together, he should take this record from John Smoltz.

The Braves have 57 games remaining. If you divide that by five, then Strider should make (at most) 11 more starts this year. Let's say he misses a start or gets pushed back one week and only gets 10 more starts the rest of the way.

Even if he only gets 10 starts the rest of the year, that would still put Strider at 303 strikeouts. He is only 68 strikeouts off the record right now.

Listen, I grabbed a few records this morning with my coffee. This is in no way a comprehensive list. I have a feeling some of you can dig deeper and present more records that will be broken. Let us know about the franchise records on pace to be broken in the comments below.

These projected numbers are based on stats before games played on August 2nd.