4 More Atlanta Braves Single-Season Team Records on Pace to be Broken in 2023

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Atlanta Braves: Most Team Runs Scored in a Season

In the modern era, the Atlanta Braves record for most runs in a season was set in 2003 with 907. Gary Sheffield, Andruw Jones, and Chipper Jones led the prolific offense to new records. Gary Sheffield set the single-season RBI record that year. Javy Lopez drove in 109 runs with a disgusting 1.065 OPS (169 OPS+).

Marcus Giles had 49 doubles while manning second base. Don't forget 44-year-old Julio Franco posting a .824 OPS in 223 plate appearances. Four players exceeded 100 RBI that year. Robert Friggin' Frick had 80 in just 460 plate appearances.

As explosive as that team was, the 2023 rendition is on pace to beat their runs-scored record by 12. The current Braves are scoring 5.67 runs per game, which is a little ahead of the 5.60 runs per game the 2003 Braves had. If you use a calculator and don't overthink this... You can see how the 2023 Braves are on pace to break this record.

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Ronald Acuna Jr. is on his way to setting the Braves' single-season record for most runs scored in franchise history. Matt Olson is on pace to smash the power records (HR and RBI). If you think you are watching something special, the numbers back that up.

Atlanta Braves: Most Team Home Runs in a Single Season

You guessed it. The 2023 Braves take on the 2003 Braves in this one as well. I guess the moral of this story is if you hit a bunch of homers you usually score a lot of runs. The 2003 Braves currently hold the franchise record with 235 dingers. Here's the fun part... The 2023 Braves are already at 206, and it's the beginning of August. How does that math break down?

The 2003 Braves hit 1.45 home runs per game over 162 games to get to 235.

The 2023 Braves are hitting 1.94 home runs per game. These guys are on pace for an incredible 315 home runs, which would shatter the current franchise record by 34%. The 2019 Twins hold the MLB record with 307 Homers in a season.

Let that sink in... The '23 Braves are on pace to beat the franchise's single-season home run record by 34%.

As you might have guessed, this pace would also set the record for all of Major League Baseball. The 2023 Braves are having the greatest home run-hitting season in the history of the world.

Atlanta Braves: Most Extra-Base Hits in a Season

I'll keep this one brief at the expense of being redundant. The 2003 Braves hold the current record with 587 XBH. You should not be surprised when I inform you that the 2023 Braves are on pace to beat that, as well. The 2023 Braves are tracking toward 607 XBH this year.

Atlanta Braves: Most Team RBI in a Season

I should have named this article the 2023 Braves vs. 2003 Braves. The 2003 Braves hold the current record with 875 RBI. The current Braves are pacing toward 888 RBI.

Atlanta Braves: Highest Team SLG in a Season

2003: .475

2023: .498

This turned to a fun exercise of the 2023 Braves vs. the 2003 Braves. That being said, there have been plenty of other amazing Atlanta offense’s in between and even before 2003. However, no matter which year you decide to compare this team to, one thing holds true: the 2023 Atlanta Braves are REALLY REALLY good.

We know there are plenty of other records to consider. For example, yesterday Matt Olson and Austin Riley broke the record for most back-to-back homers in a season for the Braves. If you have other records on pace to be broke (or are already broken) let us know in the comments.