Revisiting Andruw Jones' top 5 seasons with the Atlanta Braves

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One of the greatest outfielders in franchise history, it was announced Monday that the Atlanta Braves will be officially retiring Andruw Jones' No. 25 jersey later this season. A player who won a total of 10 Gold Gloves during his time in Atlanta, among other accolades, let's look back at some of Jones' top seasons with the Braves.

Revisiting Andruw Jones' top seasons with the Atlanta Braves


We begin here with Jones' 2005 campaign, a year in which he slashed .263/.347/.575 with a .922 OPS across 160 games for Atlanta, while also leading the major leagues with 51 HR, as well as the National League with 128 RBI. Also holding a 6.7 WAR, Jones would go 8-for-17 during the Braves NLDS loss that season as well, as well as finishing second in the NL MVP race among other honors that included an All-Star appearance, Gold Glove, and his first, and only, Silver Slugger.


If the 2005 season isn't the greatest of Jones' career, then the 2000 campaign likely holds that honor, a year in which he slashed .303/.366/.541 with 36 HR, 104 RBI, and 21 SB across 161 games. Holding a .907 OPS and 8.2 WAR, while also leading the National League with a 2.7 dWAR, the 2000 season would mark Jones' first-career All-Star appearance, along with a Gold Glove and an eighth place finish for the NL MVP.


Jones' 2005 season in Atlanta was his biggest when it comes to power numbers offensively alone, with his 2006 campaign likely ranking second on that list. Slashing .262/.363/.531 with 41 HR and a career-high 129 RBI across 156 games with a 5.6 WAR and .894 OPS, this 2006 season would mark the final All-Star appearance of Jones' career, with the outfielder also winning a Gold Glove, along with an 11th place finish for NL MVP.


The 2002 season marked Jones' second All-Star appearance, slashing .264/.366/.513 across 154 games with 35 HR, 94 RBI, and eight SB. Also holding an .878 OPS and 6.5 WAR, as well as a 2.3 dWAR to lead the National League, Jones would win a Gold Glove that season, along with finishing 16th in NL MVP voting.


As for the final season on this list, Jones' 1998 campaign was arguably his best early in his career, a year in which he slashed .271/.321/.515 across 159 games with 31 HR, 90 RBI, and 27 SB. Holding an .836 OPS with a 7.4 WAR, as well as leading all of baseball with a 3.9 dWAR, the 1998 campaign also marked the first Gold Glove season of 10 throughout Jones' 17-year career.