Nike will modify uniforms, but will they fix the damages they did to the Atlanta Braves?

ESPN reported that Nike will modify their new MLB jersey template after extreme backlash this spring, but will the Atlanta Braves uniforms be fixed too?

Cleveland Guardians v Atlanta Braves
Cleveland Guardians v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

This spring, Nike rolled out their new Nike Vapor Premier uniform template for MLB teams and it was instantly panned. From smaller lettering for names and mismatching greys to the gallons of sweat that showed through the jerseys, players and fans alike hated them.

The Atlanta Braves iconic uniforms were desecrated by the new template, as it forced an unnecessary change to the sleeves of both their home and away jerseys. The Braves also changed their navy alternate, which somehow looked more purple than navy.

On Sunday evening, however, ESPN announced Nike is backtracking, making changes to their uniform template and pants for 2025. However, will the Braves uniforms be fixed?

What changes will Nike make to MLB uniforms in 2025?

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, Nike will address the lettering on the back of the jerseys, the mismatching greys, and the sweat issues no later than the beginning of the 2025 season. Nike will also address the issues with the pants, which went viral for being see-through and drew the ire of players for not being tailored.

MLB sent a memo to players on Sunday that stated that the blame with the uniforms lies entirely on Nike.

"This has been entirely a Nike issue. At its core, what has happened here is that Nike was innovating something that didn't need to be innovated."
MLB Memo distributed by the MLBPA

The memo also stated that Fanatics was not to blame for the issue.

The union noted they were against various changes when they were previewed in 2022, but that Nike and MLB had ignored the issue until they received intense backlash during Spring Training.

What changes will Nike make to the Atlanta Braves uniforms in 2025?

Aside from the changes every other MLB team will receive, it's yet to be seen whether or not Nike will revert the Braves uniforms back to their previews look, with sleeve piping resting roughly a quarter-inch from the bottom of the sleeve, or whether the inserts at the bottom of the sleeves will remain.

Here's what the sleeves looked like last year for comparison.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves / Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

The new Nike template also has caused a mismatch with the Braves belt loops. While the home set currently has the triple piping on each wide loop, the away set does not. The Braves have had belt loop piping since the team was in Boston. You can find a breakdown of the belt loops here.

The news on Nike fixing the uniforms is great for MLB, but don't assume that these changes mean that the Braves uniforms will be reverted back to what they used to be.

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