Jesse Chavez says 2024 is likely his final season, should his career end in Atlanta?

Jesse Chavez is beloved by Braves nation, but is there room for him on the 26-man roster?

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The Braves have had a busy offseason, but one move they haven't made is one almost every Braves fan has been hoping for: re-signing Jesse Chavez.

Because the 40-year-old righty is still on the free agent market, there's been some speculation that the reliver might be retiring, but that was put to rest when Chavez revealed he plans to play one more season on MLB Network Radio.

"I think this is probably gonna be it," Chavez told the network, referring to the 2024 season. He mentioned his desire to go out of baseball the same way he came in to it: healthy. The 16-year veteran said he plans to give it all he has this upcoming season and then will look to get into coaching.

Chavez has had four different stints with the Braves, with his first coming during the 2010 season, and his most recent, of course being last season.

Of course, Chavez still needs to find a team to play for in 2024, and while Braves fans would love to see Uncle Jesse back with the club, the team might not have space for him.