Does Jarred Kelenic changing his batting stance mean Kevin Seitzer is cooking again?

Jarred Kelenic has made a predictable change in his stance, but will this one actually stick, or is it just another of his myriad of adjustments.

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Kelenic has been bad during Spring Training, but it isn't time to panic

As of the time of this writing, Jarred Kelenic has had 24 plate appearances in the Grapefruit League. He's reached base four times, once on a single, and three times on free passes. This brings his slashline to .048/.167/.048.

Obviously, this is quite bad but it doesn't mean that the Kelenic trade was a huge mistake or that the batting stance changes should immediately be discarded.

In fact, Kelenic didn't even start the spring with the lowered hands approach. In the Braves first televised game, his stance looked more like his 2023 stance than it did on Thursday.

The new Brave isn't the only Brave to get off to a slow start either. All-Star Ozzie Albies is currently slashing .071/.133/.071 and no one is (or should be) ringing the alarm bells on him.

Kelenic is currently in an adjustment period, getting used to the stance, and will likely continue to tinker throughout the exhibition matches until he and the Braves get him comfortable with the approach.

It is important to note that the young outfielder has tinkered with his stance since reaching the majors. This clip shows the myriad of stances and swings Kelenic had in 2022, where he struggled the entirety of the season.

The jury's still out on whether these changes will finally unlock the success fans have expected from Jarred Kelenic, but Braves track record with this type of adjustment is promising, even if the Spring Training results haven't been.

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