Atlanta Braves set franchise home run record

We knew coming into this season this offense could be special. However, I am not sure anyone could have predicted the 2023 Braves would become the most powerful offense in franchise history.

Atlanta Braves v Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves v Colorado Rockies / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The 2023 Atlanta Braves are officially the most powerful offense in franchise history. Orlando Arcia hit the 250th home run for Atlanta on the season. The previous record was 249 set by the 2019 Braves team.

Just after Marcell Ozuna had tied the record a couple batters earlier, Arcia parked one deep into the Coors field night and set the franchise record for home runs; It was also a career-high 16th home run for Arcia.

The 2019 Braves were powerful no doubt, but as we have mentioned before the baseball MLB was using that year was definitely different to put it kindly. That season the team was paced by Ronald Acuña Jr. with 41 bombs. The team also had two other players with over 37 homers (Freddie Freeman and Josh Donaldson).

But enough about the past, the 2023 Braves have showcased a form of power we have yet to see in Atlanta. Not only have they now broke the franchise record, but 2023 Braves have a chance break the MLB record of 307 set by the 2019 Minnesota Twins (cough cough juiced ball).

This current Braves team slugs 1-9 and the power prowess each hitter possesses is what strikes fear in opposing pitchers. Matt Olson is currently pacing the team with his 43 homers, but his is joined by four others with at least 28 bombs.

Just to put in perspective how great this offense is, I am going to throw a few team stats out for you.

  • Team Batting Average - .276
  • Team Slugging% - .500
  • Team OPS - .845
  • Team OPS+ - 123

All together just some eye-popping numbers from this offense. Recently, our great writer Seth put together a list of the “Worst” hitters on this team. And the funny thing about that article, which he clarifies repeatedly in, is that the “Worst” hitters on this team, would be among the best hitters on several other teams.

It has been an amazing offense to watch and a team that is this dynamic with the long ball makes for a lot of fun nights. Hopefully, the team keeps it rolling and takes down the 2019 so they can cement their place in baseball history.