5 Worst Hitters on Atlanta Braves in 2023

We take a look at the five worst hitters on the best offense in baseball. We also take a look at how most of these hitters would rank on other teams!
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves
Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves / Casey Sykes/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Braves have been amazing this year. They have nine hitters with a wRC+ over 100 this season. It feels like everyone has hit up and down the lineup and coming off the bench. So, to satisfy the curiosity, I have put together a list of the Braves worst hitters this season. We'll see who they are and how they compare to players on other teams around the league.

To eliminate players like Forrest Wall, or guys who have barely had a chance to step up to the plate, I made the minimum 30 plate appearances. I had to go kind of low because if I run the numbers by qualified hitters, then every single player is above average! It's incredible. For fun, let's compare that to the Yankees.

The Yankees have dealt with a lot of injuries, as it seems like they always do, so they only have four qualified hitters. Of the four qualified hitters in their lineup, only one has a wRC+ above 100. That means the Yankees' second, third, and fourth best-qualified hitters would be the three worst qualified hitters on the Braves this season.

So, we really have to reach deep to find the five worst hitters on the Braves this season. Trust me, this is not a post complaining. In an oddly worded way, this is a post to brag on how amazing the Braves' offense has been this season! It's just kind of an outside-the-box way of complimenting them.

For example, the Mets have 11 players with a minimum of 30 PAs and a wRC+ under 100 (below average), the Braves have a total of four such players. The Mets have nine players with a wRC+ under 90. The Braves have two.

The Braves' worst hitter with at least 30 PAs this season would be the Yankees' second-best. Among hitters with at least 30 PAs, he would have the sixth-highest wRC+ on the Mets out of 19 eligible players.

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