Atlanta Braves: Here is where all of the Braves' free agents ended up

Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson
Chicago Cubs Introduce Dansby Swanson / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages

It has been a fairly eventful and tumultuous offseason for the Atlanta Braves. Going into the offseason, the Braves had nine players hitting free agency including key players like Dansby Swanson and Kenley Jansen. On top of that, the Braves remained busy on the trade market with the acquisition of Sean Murphy in a blockbuster trade that I still don't know why the Brewers had to be involved in.

The dust is finally settling now with spring training in a matter of days and in that spirit, lets take a look at where the Braves' free agents ended up signing this offseason.

Dansby Swanson - Cubs

This was easily the most painful departure for the Braves as Dansby ended up signing a seven year deal with the Cubs for almost $180 million. For a while there, it almost felt like Dansby could end up getting $200 million the way the market was going. It was pretty clear that the Braves had the price they were comfortable paying Dansby and weren't going to budge and they got priced out by a silly market, but it still stings nonetheless.

Adam Duvall - Red Sox

Duvall's 2022 season for the Braves got scuffed when he went down with a wrist injury, which was a shame because he has some real power and looks like Babe Ruth when he is on one of his streaks. I personally thought he should have gotten a look for the Braves in left field, but the team thought otherwise and Adam ended up signing a one year deal with the Red Sox.

Kenley Jansen - Red Sox

Kenley was certainly a polarizing figure during his time with the Braves especially when he struggled in the second half last year. However, he put up some big time performances in key spots for the team and overall was a pretty fine, if expensive, backend bullpen arm/closer. However, he likely isn't worth to the Braves what he was going to command in free agency and he, too, ended up in Boston on a two year deal worth $32 million.

Luke Jackson - Giants

This one hurts a bit, too, because Luke was such a big personality and, despite some struggles, was a big part of the Braves' bullpen for a long time. Jackson missed the 2022 season after having to have Tommy John surgery and while the Braves probably would have been willing to bring him back, he was able to secure a two year deal with the Giants. Good for him being able to get a multi-year deal.

Ehire Adrianza - Braves

Adrianza just keeps finding a way to end back up with the Braves. He is strictly a bench piece, but he is a reasonably versatile one who can hit a bit. The Braves had already brought him into the fold twice in the past, so naturally he ended up back with the Braves on a minor league deal.

Jesse Chavez - Braves

I am pretty sure that Jesse is just always going to end up a Brave by the end of any given season. They have let him go in free agency, traded him a couple times, and now he is back again on a minor league deal. No one will be shocked if he makes the big league team and pitches surprising well.

Darren O’Day - Retired

This one is kind of a bummer, but hardly unexpected. O'Day just turned 40 years old and came off a 2022 season that saw him miss a big chunk of the season with calf and toe issues. O'Day finally decided that enough was enough and retired at the end of January. Enjoy life after baseball, Darren. You have certainly earned that and more.

Jay Jackson - Blue Jays

Jackson only appeared in two games out of the bullpen for the Braves last year and it was clear that he wasn't in the Braves' plans. He hit free agency and ultimately signed a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. There are far worse teams to end up with.