7 goofiest Atlanta Braves moments from the 2023 season

The 2023 Braves were fun to watch and featured some of the goofiest moments in baseball.
Atlanta Braves v Kansas City Royals
Atlanta Braves v Kansas City Royals / Kyle Rivas/GettyImages
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5. Ronald holds on for dear life

Jon Berti, Ronald Acuna Jr.
Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Ronald Acuña Jr. was this close to not having 73 steals last season. On his 14th steal of the season, Acuña somersaulted to hold on to the bag, taking Jon Berti with him. Somehow, he was just able to keep his sliding mitt on the bag.

I'm not sure many of us could manage this level of flexibility.

4. Brandon Gaudin's call of the year

There are no more words we can add. You'll just need to listen to this masterful call yourself. You can understand why Gaudin won a Sportscaster of the Year award recently.