5 Braves players fighting for their futures ahead of 2024 season

Several players down at spring training with the Braves are just trying to hang on for dear life for a shot in the big leagues this season.

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Ken Giles

Ken Giles is one of the more fun stories from spring training. The Braves signed Giles to a minor league deal right before the start of camp and for many, it was merely a curiosity given Giles previous success and everything he has gone through since then. However, Giles has come into camp ready to seize the opportunity and he just might pull it off.

Giles may not quite have the triple digit power stuff that he once had before injuries set him back over the last few years, but he has looked really good in spring training so far. After starting off as a long shot to make the Braves' bullpen, the recent move to put Daysbel Hernandez back in MiLB camp now has Giles with a real chance of getting one last shot at the big leagues with the Braves. If he flames out again now at 33 years old and with his injury history, he might not get another chance.

Jackson Stephens

Jackson Stephens has been battling for a long-time to stay in the big leagues. He was forced to go play in the Mexican League for a couple years before the Braves decided to pull the trigger and sign him. Ever since, he has always been on the bubble when it comes to a spot in the bullpen as a guy that can throw multiple innings. Occasionally he will get a shot and see some action, but usually not for a lengthy stretch of time.

Stephens is just 29, but this season is one that feels like he really needs to impress people down at spring training. The Braves' bullpen is LOADED at the moment and between adding Reynaldo Lopez, some of Atlanta's young starter arms that may need to move to relief roles, and the competition for innings amongst the guys entrenched in the bullpen, Stephens has an uphill climb to sticking around with the Braves.