4 Atlanta Braves players who won't survive on 40-man roster past MLB trade deadline

Some players are safer than others at the trade deadline. Which guys will remain on the team for the second half push?

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Alex Anthopoulos is somewhat a victim of his own success with Atlanta Braves fans' expectations sky high. The 2021 trade deadline is the expectation for many fans hoping for a repeat. Despite consistently losing key pieces this season, Atlanta remains in great playoff positioning.

The team's rotation has been a surprise in the best way leaving the team searching for an offensive boost. Adding the right pieces at the deadline could make this team a World Series contender. Even without the defending MVP and flame-throwing Spencer Strider, this team could be a huge threat.

However, this means a willingness to part with current pieces and replace players who aren't getting the job done. Even if the Braves GM is unable to match his 2021 magic, moves are going to be made. With those moves comes an understanding that current pieces will be moved or jettisoned from the active roster. With this in mind, let's look at the most likely players to be sent down or searching for a new landing spot after the trade deadline.

Brian Anderson

Since joining the Braves, Anderson has garnered only 5 AB's and has not yet managed a hit. From Snitker's managing of the outfield, it is clear that Anderson is going to be the first one pushed out. Atlanta's most likely moves are going to happen in the outfield. That means losing at least two outfielders from the current roster.

Michael Harris II will return at some point this season despite an uncertain future. Atlanta is going to move on from at least two if not three outfielders. Anderson is going to be at the top of the list and unlikely to remain on the roster past the trade deadline.

Despite this, Anderson is solid depth the team could look to keep considering their recent injury history.

Zack Short

This is less about Zack Short and more about Orlando Arcia's inability at the plate. The Braves magic has worn off for the starting shortstop. The DH rule feels forgotten for Atlanta with Arcia producing at the level of a pitcher at the dish.

How long can his elite defense cover for the sure-out he has become at the plate? Whether it is adding a veteran to start or calling up their best prospect at the position it is time to make a move.

Short isn't going to be on the roster past the trade deadline unless Arcia's bat catches fire. You simply cannot have two utility infielders on the active roster who are offensive liabilities. Orlando Arcia has proven to be a bargain and is an elite defender, but you cannot continue to let him have 3-4 ABs every night if this is the level of production going forward. Arcia still has value as a bench piece but his downfall will be to Short's detriment.

Forrest Wall

The Braves are going to have to choose between Wall, Anderson, and Laureano. It is possible that the team add two outfielders and the return of Harris demotes all three players. However, it seems more probable Atlanta will make one big addition to the outfield and awaits the return of Harris.

This leaves Wall as the odd man out. Snitker's management suggests that the staff and team have more trust in Laureano. Whether it is using him as a defensive replacement or the recent surge in offensive production the veteran's roster spot seems the least tenuous of the three.

Wall earned a spot on this team in spring training, but for whatever reason hasn't been given a chance. It seems unlikely that is going to change with any trade deadline additions demoting Wall and Anderson.

Grant Holmes

Grant Holmes is easy to root for and has been a fun story. However, looking at the current bullpen it is fair to expect Holmes to be the first player moved. Atlanta's rotation has been solidified and with the impending return of Ian Anderson, it is doubtful a move will be made there.

However, it would be more than fair to expect the Braves GM to consider bringing in a veteran bullpen piece. Pitching is the strength of this team and if the opportunity presents itself Atlanta will move to add an arm they hope can become relevant come the postseason. The Braves leaned on a strong bullpen during the 2021 postseason, don't be shocked if they look to do the same in 2024.

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