3 Braves spring training overreactions after first week of action

There are some hot takes flying around already from the Braves' spring training games.
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The Atlanta Braves have finally gotten their spring training schedule started and or long nightmare without Bravea baseball has come to an end. Sure, these have just been early spring training games where the regulars are just getting a couple plate appearances here and there while they get in game shape so far, but it is just nice to see the Braves in action again.

Fortunately for the Braves, there isn't much in the way of drama in camp. The fifth spot in the rotation is a genuine competition, but one where there are some betting favorites in Bryce Elder and/or Reynaldo Lopez. There is a spot or two in the bullpen that could be up for grabs depending on some other dominoes fall and the Braves' bench has yet to be sorted out.

Unfortunately, some have taken the results of these early spring training games and drawn some pretty wild conclusions about how these competitions should go and how good some players are going to be. While objectively silly to do given that all of these guys are just getting reps in and trying things out, it hasn't stopped people from putting some pretty crazy thoughts out there.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the biggest overreactions out there to the early portions of the Braves' spring training so far.

You may want to hold off on giving Chris Sale the Cy Young for now

Fans were understandably apprehensive about the Braves trading for Chris Sale. Atlanta gave up one of their better trade chips in Vaughn Grissom to get him and while he was one of the best pitchers on the planet at one point, his injuries in recent years made some wonder if the Braves made the wrong move at arguably their biggest position of need this offseason.

It is funny how things can turn on a dime in sports, however. Sale reported to camp without any issues and made his first appearance in spring training where he absolutely dominated over two innings. Now, those who were the first to be skeptics have turned around and started proclaiming that Sale is the best thing since sliced bread and calling him the ace of the Braves' staff.

First, this was one short spring training start. If Sale strings together at a few appearances that are four innings plus and continues to strike out two batters an inning, then fans should start getting excited. Moreover, we already knew that Sale was good when he actually pitched. The concern with him wasn't ever talent or ability, but his ability to stay on the mound over the course of a long season.

We won't know if he can do that until he actually does it, but it is still nice to see him find success in camp so far and make a great first impression.