10 One-Year Braves You Forgot About That Will Get You 1% on Immaculate Grid

You forgot about these one-year Braves, but so did everyone else, which is why they'd be perfect picks for your immaculate grid.
Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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We've already covered current Braves that could save you on the immaculate grid, but there have been several Braves who only played for the team for a year that could give you that much desired 1% (or less) you want to beat your friends' Rarity Score.

Here are 10 I've found.

What is Immaculate Grid?

If you don't know what the Immaculate Grid is, it's an online trivia game that has gone viral through the baseball community this summer.

There's a new grid every morning at 9 a.m. and it looks something like this:

The goal of the game is to fill all nine squares. In each square, you have to guess a player who either played for both teams, like Frank Robinson for the Orioles and Reds square, or a player who accomplished a certain feat during their career while also playing for that team, like Jose Altuve and hitting above .300.

The game shows you the percentage of people who also guessed your pick, and the lower that percentage is, the lower your rarity score is. If you miss all nine tiles, your rarity score is 900, but if you guess nine picks that very few others guessed, you could get a zero.