Will Charlie Morton Retire or Return for the Atlanta Braves in 2024?

The Atlanta Braves may consider picking up Morton's $20 million club option in 2024. However, Charlie may have cryptically provided hints that it's time to hang up the cleats.

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Will Charlie Morton Retire After the 2023 Season?

Charlie Morton
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Charlie Morton has openly discussed the fact that he is at the end of his career. When the Braves clinched the NL East earlier this month, Morton gave a reflective and almost somber interview where he appeared to indicate that this might be his last division title celebration. He sounded like someone who loved his teammates and was soaking in every moment like it would be his last.

Charlie Morton came into the season thinking that he wanted to "go home" after 2024. In a Fangraphs article, Morton was quoted as saying the following:

"That was my mentality, but I can’t have that mentality right now. I’m trying to win a World Series. I don’t want to think about either retiring or keeping going. Frankly, it’s kind of exhausting to think about next year in any shape or form. My attitude is that I’m going to carry the good parts of my year into the offseason. Then it’s up to me."

Morton has a wife and four kids at home and the life of a Major League Baseball player means living on the road for over six months. Both Father Time and time to be a father are major considerations for Charlie as he enters the offseason.

As he said, there will be time to think about 2024 in the offseason. For now, Morton is focused on winning another World Series with the Braves in 2023. So, appreciate Morton while you can.