Who are the last five Braves to hit 100+ RBI in a season?

Those select few lucky enough to call themselves Braves fans are bearing witness to one of the most impressive offensive performances our humble little baseball club has ever seen. The almost urgent rate at which the Braves are hitting the baseball continues to catch the eyes of fans all over the country.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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5. Justin Upton, 2014: 102

Justin Upton
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Kevin Liles/GettyImages

Looking back on a brief, short-windowed successful run between 2012-2015, the offensive highlight reels more often than not featured a dominant, powerful Justin Upton.

Arriving in a late January trade in 2013 that reunited him with his brother Melvin, formerly B.J., Justin immediately proved productive, making an almost immediate impact for the Braves that seemed to last until the end of his short tenure. Following his first campaign in Atlanta, which saw him slug 27 HR with a .818 OPS and a 124 OPS+, Upton repeated success while vastly improving on his already successful intro season.

Through 154 games in his second season with Atlanta, Upton's bat seemingly caught even more fire, seeing him slash an impressive .270/.,491/.883 with 29 HR, an OPS+ of 133, and 278 total bases on the way to MVP votes and a Silver Slugger award, the second of his then-young career.

Nowadays, Upton remains a free agent, most recently appearing in Major League games with the Seattle Mariners in 2022. While the consistent hot-bat days of his career are seemingly over, the impact he had on the Braves during a turning point in the franchise should not be forgotten.