Who are the last five Braves to hit 100+ RBI in a season?

Those select few lucky enough to call themselves Braves fans are bearing witness to one of the most impressive offensive performances our humble little baseball club has ever seen. The almost urgent rate at which the Braves are hitting the baseball continues to catch the eyes of fans all over the country.
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4. Freddie Freeman, 2013 and 2019: 109, 121

Freddie Freeman, Austin Riley, Ronald Acuna Jr.
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I'm not going to lie, typing that name out gave me a lump in my throat; I suppose some wounds take more time to heal.

Anyway, the former face of the franchise proved not only one of the most powerful and potent Braves in the lineup, but also one of the most consistent, especially when compared to his fellow first baseman competition; or, more accurately, the glaring lack thereof (excluding people named Olson, for obvious reasons).

Rather than looking at each individual season, it feels more fitting to look at his impact in a Braves uniform as a whole. Manning the right corner of the infield for 11 years, Freeman amassed a career .295/.509/.893 with 1,704 hits, 271 HR, 941 RBI, and 2,934 total bases with a 193 wRC+ and wOBA of .379, to boot.

MVP honors in 2020 seemingly shifted him from potential best in the game to bonafide elite, finding himself in serious MVP discussion every season following; and this year is no different.

Sitting just behind Acuña in MVP talks, Freddie keeps reminding everyone who watches exactly who the best first baseman in the game is; the real debate seems to be who the second best is, as Freeman all but has that category locked up.

While all signs point to Acuña as the likely winner for this year's contest, a close eye should be kept on the former franchise hero who, seemingly, just cannot stop hitting the baseball.