Who are the last five Braves to hit 100+ RBI in a season?

Those select few lucky enough to call themselves Braves fans are bearing witness to one of the most impressive offensive performances our humble little baseball club has ever seen. The almost urgent rate at which the Braves are hitting the baseball continues to catch the eyes of fans all over the country.
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3. Ronald Acuña Jr, 2019: 101

Ronald Acuna Jr.
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In one of the most exciting careers to watch that we've seen in quite some time (excluding everybody named Shohei), Ronald Acuña Jr. is bringing a new, energetic wave to a game that so desperately needed a resurgence of capable youth talent.

Every single day, just when you think you've seen the best of the best that you can possibly witness, Acuña shatters expectations, doing something that deems worthy of a flurry of highlight reels and wide, national recognition and praise from fans of the other 29 teams.

Following his well-deserved Rookie of the Year campaign, seeing him slashing .366/,552/.917 with 26 HR, 64 RBI, and 16 SB, Acuña answered back immediately in his sophomore campaign, putting up a career-best 101 RBI with 41 HR, 3 SB shy of a 40/40 season at 37, slashing a line of .365/.518/.883, earning his first All-Star nod, finishing fifth in MVP voting, and taking home his first Silver Slugger award.

The level of dominance being displayed by Acuña this season hasn't been seen with this level of gravity in several years, and somehow, he only seems to be getting more dominant. As the limit of what we thought was possible on a baseball diamond keeps getting pushed and pushed, it begs one simple question: Just how loaded will his stat line look at season's end?

With 74 RBI currently on the season, it may take a little bit of work should he want to reach the 100 RBI mark; but if Acuña has taught us anything this season, it's that it may be high time to throw all expectations to the side and just enjoy the show this kid keeps putting on, night after night.