Who are the last five Braves to hit 100+ RBI in a season?

Those select few lucky enough to call themselves Braves fans are bearing witness to one of the most impressive offensive performances our humble little baseball club has ever seen. The almost urgent rate at which the Braves are hitting the baseball continues to catch the eyes of fans all over the country.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
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1. Ozzie Albies, 2021: 106

Ozzie Albies
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The year of the World Series Championship proved to be a productive one for Ozzie, missing only six games throughout the season and, for a good bit of the season, seemed to carry the Braves on his back en route to the trade deadline deals that paved the remainder of the road to greatness.

In a season of heartfelt memories, nonstop drama, and a plethora of premier second base talent, Ozzie Albies put on a 156-game clinic, consistently coming through for the Braves and slugging his way to a 30/20 season with a .310/.488/.799 slash line and a career-best 307 total bases.

The year ended in fireworks, champagne, parades, speeches, and a Silver Slugger award and MVP votes for Albies, who served as a metaphorical support beam for the team, especially following the heavy absence of his old minor-league roommate, Ronald Acuña Jr.

Atlanta's premier second baseman continually proves his worth as one of the best middle infielders in the game, consistently bringing a fire with his bat and a style of playing that you honestly can't teach. As previously stated, he's sitting at 90 with about a month left of regular season play, so it should be properly assumed that 2023 will be his second season seeing him reach the 100 RBI mark.

2: Austin Riley, 2021: 107

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Joining his battery mate and glovesmith on the 100 RBI mark for 2021, the juggernaut out of Desoto Central High School proved not only a valuable part of the World Champion 2021 Braves but also a valuable asset within Major League Baseball itself. Following a breakout debut stretch followed by a period where every pitcher seemed to have figured him out, Riley changed his approach at the plate and turned into a dangerous threat at the plate, and I'm confident any pitcher would tell you the same.

Following the change to his approach at the plate, Riley settled into the potential everybody saw from him, reaching the 30 HR mark in the same campaign that 100 RBI fell. He slashed an impressive .303/.591/.898 slash line, with a 135 OPS+ and a Silver Slugger award. Riley also finished 7th in MVP voting that year with a 6.3 WAR and 1.5 dWAR.

The 2021 campaign seemed to energize Riley, adding a layer of confidence that lit a fire on his bat that proved impervious to any extinguishing method. Add a newfound penchant for elite defense and a clubhouse personality you simply can't replicate, and you've got yourself a top-tier third baseman able to measure up to the rest, often leaving everyone else in the dust.

With 77 RBI on the current campaign, it may be a harder road to travel if Riley wishes to see himself reach that tier for the second time in his short five-year career.