Who are the last 5 Braves players to hit 40 Home Runs in a single season?

The Atlanta Braves have had some powerful bats in the middle of their lineup over the years. 40 home runs in a season is no small feat, so who are the last 5 Braves players to hit that mark?
Los Angeles Angels v Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Angels v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages
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Power hitters is definitely NOT something the Atlanta Braves have lacked over the years. The franchise has perhaps the greatest home run hitter of all-time to claim, and the man this site is named after. We’re talking about the great Hank Aaron of course.

The power doesn’t stop there either. There’s the MVP winners like Chipper Jones and Dale Murphy who put a lot of souvenirs in the outfield seats. Then you have the 2023 team who is on pace to break the 2019 Twins single season home run record by a team.

This season Braves fans have sat in awe in the plethora of guys in the lineup that can leave the ballpark at any given time. This fun to watch power display got us thinking; Who are the last 5 Braves players to hit 40 home runs in a single season? The 40 homer club is pretty exclusive, but this year’s team has a few guys that could hit that mark. For now, let’s take a look back at five former Braves who are in that exclusive club.

Matt Olson - 2023 (43 HRs and counting)

What else can we say about Matt Olson in 2023? Last season, his first with the Braves, Olson had the pressure of the world on him following Freddie Freeman’s long reign at first base. It may not have been as great as he hoped, but he still went out and hit 36 homers and was one of the few bats to show up in the NLDS against Philadelphia.

In 2023 it has all came together for Matt. He’s still walking at an elite rate, his strikeouts have cut down drastically from the beginning on the season, and the power has been on FULL display. Olson currently leads the league in home runs (43) as I write this and already has set a career high with just over a month left to play.

The power Olson displayed has him on track for a magical season, and even garnered some MVP buzz around his name.

Ronald Acuña Jr. - 2019 (41 HRs)

Yes, as many as you probably already know, Ronald Acuña Jr. has perhaps the best combination of power and speed in baseball. This season Acuña Jr. has been going wild on the basepaths, leading baseball with 55 stolen bases.

On top of that he has a shot to join the ultra exclusive 40/40 club if he can pick up his home run pace a bit over the last month plus. Ronald just missed that club when he finished 2019 with 37 SBs, so this year it has been flipped. The betting favorite to win NL MVP would almost certainly secure that award if he does reach 40 bombs this year. Not only that, the great Eric Cole has to get a tattoo if he does so, sorry Eric.

This much talent being showcased is so fun to see, especially after it was clear Ronald was still recovering from that knee injury last season. In 2019 the baseball was definitely different…to put it kindly so reaching the 40 home run mark again this season would have that extra exclamation to it.