Where Does Vaughn Grissom Stand with the Atlanta Braves?

The trade deadline has come and gone and Vaughn Grissom remains in the Atlanta Braves organization. The biggest trade chip stays with the team so what does that mean for Grissom's future?
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One name that was in a lot of mock trades for the Atlanta Braves was Vaughn Grissom. While Grissom is no longer technically a prospect, he is essentially a top prospect in a thin Braves farm system. There was plenty of reason to think that Grissom might get moved this deadline to help improve the Braves' chances in 2023.

With there being very few sellers this year, the market prices for some of the pieces available were very high. The best comparison I have for this year's deadline was the Phillies acquiring Michael Lorenzen for Hao-Yu Lee. Now, I was interested in Lorenzen, but would the team have wanted to give up Grissom for Lorenzen? I do not think so. Other starters were even more expensive. It was more of a buyer's market than normal and that meant the Braves held onto Grissom.

What does this mean for the 22 year old?

Vaughn Grissom's Value Will Still Be There in the Winter

The first thing to look at here is that Grissom will still hold value this winter for any team looking to acquire him. The biggest issue is that the Braves are trying to win a championship in 2023 and 2024 so this is something to worry about once 2023 is over.

However, jumping ahead to that because I am allowed to (it is my article I make the rules), there will not be a major falloff in value for Grissom. He will still be a solid prospect who projects as a decent hitter with question marks on where he can play defensively.

The quality of contact he makes at times gives reason to believe he can be a solid major leaguer in the near future. The bat might be able to outweigh his defensive limitations, wherever that position might be.

The Atlanta Braves Still Believe in Vaughn Grissom

The Braves did have Grissom spend all winter working with Ron Washington to improve his defense. It finally looks like the future for Vaughn will not be at shortstop though. However, they did see enough in him to devote time to him this past winter.

The bat is legit though. In AAA, he is hitting .317/.398/.464 4 HR, 54 R, 45 RBI, 11 SB with a .386 wOBA & 118 wRC+. This comes with a 10.8% walk rate and a 14.9% strikeout rate. The power numbers do not jump off the screen with the 4 home runs, but he does add in 27 doubles and 4 triples.

He will probably never be a superstar but he might round into a solid bat that can contribute to any lineup. The issue is figuring out where to play him. His best position might end up being second base, but as we know, that is locked up for the future with Ozzie Albies.

Third base could be an option, yet that is Austin Riley's home. Left Field is probably his best bet to end up in the Braves lineup for 2024 and beyond but can he handle the outfield? The Braves have not really given him much run there to figure it out but he is fairly athletic so it might be worth a try.

My personal opinion is that Grissom works best as a super utility that can play multiple positions while giving guys a day off in the field and having his bat carry his value. There is a reason a team like the San Francisco Giants were reportedly interested. He fits the mold of the players they have utilized well in the past which is platooning players and moving them all over the field.

What is clear to me, is that the Braves see enough in Grissom that they would not just sell him off for just any piece. They still believe in him to some degree. The market should calm down this winter, and Grissom could very easily be moved by then. He might also be given another shot to crack the lineup in 2024.

Who knows, he is in the organization and on the 40-man roster. Maybe there is an opportunity for him to end up on the major league roster for the postseason run.

Time will tell what happens for one of the troublemakers. Maybe Grissom can cause some more trouble in a Braves uniform one day.