When do Atlanta Braves pitchers and catchers report to spring training?

Baseball season is approaching, but when exactly should you expect the Braves to report to Spring Training?
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One
Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals - Game One / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Braves fans have been counting the days for a new baseball season, since their historic 2023 season was abruptly ended by the rival Phillies. 2024 will present new challenges, and for the Braves to reach the pinnacle again like they did in 2021, they first need win the marathon regular season. The baseball offseason can feel like a drag at times, but once we reach the new year many fans quickly transition from football to baseball.

Before the race for the NL East crown can take place, the teams have to continue to fill out their roster and navigate a month's worth of Spring Training games. Baseball still has quite a few big name free agents out there, so moves will continue to be made as we inch closer to Valentine's Day. However, don't expect the Braves to be involved in much of those talks. In fact, the Braves are probably more equipped to start Spring Training as currently constructed, more than any other team in baseball.

So when do pitchers and catchers report for the Braves?

Braves fans will love the sights and sounds of pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training on February 14th. From there things will pick up by February 20th, when Atlanta holds their first full squad workout. All of this will prepare them for their February 24th Spring Training opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. Their home opener at CoolToday Park will take place the following day against the Boston Red Sox.

The team will then navigate through 30 plus spring training games, getting a look at intriguing prospects and pitchers looking to bounce back from injury. Eventually, the 26 man roster will be assembled for an iconic opening day showdown in the same place their 2023 season ended. That of course being in Philadelphia against the Phillies on March 28th.

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