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MLb is introducing the Spring Breakout prospect exhibition games this March and you can watch the Braves' prospects in action right here.

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Atlanta Braves fans are notorious for being avid followers of the Braves' minor league system. Some of this is due to the fact that their minor-league affiliates are right in the middle of Braves Country, but the franchise's history of producing homegrown stars has led to a rabid fanbase for Braves prospects.

Normally, fans would have to wait for the start of the minor league season and then hope that the top guys are going to be playing at a specific level to go and watch them play. However, MLB is starting a new prospect showcase called the Spring Breakout series which will allow Braves prospects hounds to catch many of the top Braves minor leaguers in action later this month on March 16th against the Red Sox.

So how do you watch the game? Well, it just so happens that you can watch it right here at House That Hank Built!

MLB Spring Breakout: What to expect from Red Sox vs. Braves

The way the Spring Breakout series of games is going to work is that there will be 16 games between 14-17. Each organization has to assemble a roster of minor leaguers that will be compromised mostly of guys that are on MLB's Top 30 Braves prospects rankings. Players must still have rookie eligibility entering the 2024 season to be eligible to play, but it does appear as though the teams themselves will make the final determination of who will be on the Spring Breakout roster.

Once the rosters are announced on March 7th at 11 AM EST, then there is just the matter of playing the exhibition game against the Red Sox's prospect squad which will take place on Saturday, March 16th at 1:05 PM EST. The easiest way to watch the game is to bookmark this page right here as there will be a stream embed on this page, but MLB Network and NESN also are listed as broadcast options as well for this game.

There are going to be some differences about this game beyond it being between two organizational prospect All-Star teams. Games will be seven inning long, the ABS automated balls/strikes technology will be in use (bring on our robot overlords), pitchers can re-enter the game (similar to the spring training rules), and there will be no extra innings so games can end in a tie.

This live feed would not be possible without our new partnership with STN who is providing the stream directly from MLB, so big thanks to them for affording us this opportunity. Make sure you bookmark this page as it will be updated with the Braves' Spring Breakout roster when it is released and will also contain the stream of the game itself.

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