Two Rockies fans charge Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. in a wild scene at Coors

Two fans charged Ronald Acuña Jr. before the bottom of the seventh inning at Coors Field. Thankfully, Ronald is okay. However, the situation never should have happened. Check out the footage and fan reactions below.

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants
Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Weird things can happen when you make a trip to Coors field. However, the Atlanta Braves never could have guessed their best player and one of the brightest young stars in baseball would have something so bizarre happen to him tonight.

In the bottom of the seventh, just after Ronald Acuña Jr. notched his 60th steal on the season, an unexpected attack happened. Two fans sprinted to right field (the third stopped by security), grabbing and knocking down the MVP front-runner.

The first to reach Acuña started immediately grabbing and hugging the right fielder, while trying to get some selfies. Security came over, trying to pry him off Ronald, but with a hulk grip, he would not let go. After about 10 seconds, an even more wild Rockies fan came over, jumping and grabbing him, before eventually knocking Ronald down.

While 5-6 security guards eventually got between the three parties, it took all their might to contain the second fan. Absolutely bewildered, he attempted to take on all the guards while screaming at Acuña. The fan was eventually carried off the field, being thrown down, all while kicking everyone in sight. Players rushed over to protect Ronald further, while understandably, Peter Moyland was livid in the booth. Former Braves reporter Kelsey Wingert-Linch summed it up nicely.

It's unacceptable that two fans were able to reach potentially the league's best player, especially in the largest outfield in the MLB. However, Coors Field staff and the MLB will have to look at this situation very closely to improve player safety.

While there are no updates on the motive of the fans charging the field, there are already some speculating why.

Overall, it was a wild situation that should never have happened. However, Ronald thankfully appears okay, as he stole his 61st base the next inning, along with a three RBI double in the ninth.