Top 10 Atlanta Braves Players in July 2023

There's never a bad time to look back and see who the Atlanta Braves' best players were last month!
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3. Atlanta Braves Player in July: Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider
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Spencer Strider led all Braves' pitchers in fWAR for July by a wide margin. His 1.1 fWAR was 175% better than any other pitcher on the team. Strider is the only starting pitcher to make the list for July, which validates some of the concerns recently expressed in 5 Reasons Braves Won't Win World Series.

In July, Strider went 2-1 over five starts, pitching 31.1 innings. He posted a 3.73 ERA but he averaged 6.1 innings per start. While a 3.73 ERA is probably not going to win a Cy Young Award, it is still solid.

Strider continued his dominance via the swing and miss in July. He sat 53 hitters down on strikes over 31.1 IP. That's 15.2 strikeouts per nine.

His 1.1 WAR was third-best in all of baseball among pitchers. The 3.73 ERA might have had some bad luck involved as his FIP was 2.53 (2nd-best in July) and his BABIP was .365.

Strider led all pitchers in Major League Baseball in July with 53 strikeouts while walking just four. A pitcher with this kind of electric arm and control is truly something special.

How Crazy Are Some of Strider's July Stats?

How good was his K/9 in July? it was 78% better than the league average.

His K/BB ratio was 415% better than the league average!

His K% was 88% better than the league average.

He led all of baseball in each of these stats, by the way.