The frustrating silence surrounding Ohtani's decision and why Braves should avoid him

The Atlanta Braves have been linked to Shohei Ohtani at various points throughout this offseason Are they better off avoiding the international superstar?

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The Atlanta Braves have been linked to superstar free-agent Shohei Ohtani on numerous occasions this offseason. Ohtani is, of course, the greatest all-around player in all of baseball. He is one of the best hitters and pitchers in the game. He is the reigning AL MVP and he is about to get a lot of money.

Why Shohei Ohtani would be interested in the Braves

This is very simple. If Ohtani is interested in winning, the Braves are on the shortlist of teams that are set to compete for years to come. This is a part of what makes baseball so interesting and yet frustrating for fans of teams who refuse to try. Baseball allows unique flexibility in roster construction and spending compared to other sports.

The absence of a luxury tax allows teams to see how crazy they are feeling and how much they think a player is worth. How much is winning worth? Some teams can manipulate the system with creativity and logical, analytics-based decision-making like the Tampa Bay Rays. Some teams have the best of both worlds, like the Atlanta Braves.

It makes perfect sense that Ohtani would have the Atlanta Braves on his wish list of destinations. At the very least, he might want to kick the tires on the Braves' bus. So, it makes sense that Ohtani would be linked to the Braves. They win and he wants to win.

I broke this down with another baseball mind in podcast form yesterday. If you prefer audibly edible content, you can listen to a podcast breakdown here.

Jon Morosi has been beating this drum all over the MLB Network. God bless him, it's been sort of fun.