The cause and effect of the Braves alluring additions of Kelenic and Fletcher

After sending cash considerations and bad contracts to the Pirates and White Sox, we look at the real cost of Kelenic and Fletcher in 2024. Also, where do these acquisitions leave Vaughn Grissom?

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The Atlanta Braves made a series of moves to an additional $22.25 million in payroll to add David Fletcher and Jarred Kelenic to the roster. While Kelenic will only earn around $770k, Fletcher comes with a $7 million price tag. Additionally, the Braves balance book (remember those?) looks something like this:

Atlanta Braves cost of acquiring David Fletcher and Jarred Kelenic

David Fletcher: $6 million
Jarred Kelenic: $770K
Cash to Pirates for Marco Gonzales: $9.25 million
Cash to White Sox for Max Stassi: $6.26 million
Cash from Mariners for Evan White/Marco Gonzales: -$4.5 million

2024 net cost of adding Fletcher & Kelenic: $17.78 million

The Braves could have just kept Eddie Rosario for $9 million in 2024. So, what does it tell you that they have added a net of nearly $18 million in 2024 for David Fletcher and Jarred Kelenic? A few things stand out to me.

They love Kelenic's upside and believe in him. Kelenic has five years of team control as he enters his final pre-arbitration year.

They wanted insurance on Orlando Arcia in case he reverts to the guy who posted a 72 OPS+ over six years in Milwaukee. Read: Why David Fletcher could overtake Orlando Arcia in 2024.

On the next slide, I'll explore where Vaughn Grissom fits into the plans for 2024.