The Atlanta Braves offseason summarized in 6 quotes

In an offseason full of interesting quotes, which statements encapsulated the Atlanta Braves offseason the best?

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We are just one day away from Opening Day, and the baseball offseason is nearly in the rearview mirror. As we distanced ourselves from the bitter ending from the 2023 NLDS, Braves fans have slowly built excitement around what seems to be another strong squad for 2024.

Among the many things that fueled that excitement were the countless quotes that had Braves fans ready to run through a brick-wall. It's hard to summarize nearly five months of baseball offseason into just six quotes, but we're going to do it anyway.

Six quotes that defined the Atlanta Braves offseason

"When my agent said there was an opportunity, I said let's do it." - Reynaldo Lopez

The Braves made their first big splash of the offseason by signing hard-throwing RHP Reynaldo Lopez to a three-year deal. When Lopez was asked how this deal came together, his quote gave us an insight on how many free agents view the Braves currently.

On the outside looking in, the Braves organization seems to be centered around winning. That is a driving force for good players to want to come to Atlanta. Alex Anthopoulos is already VERY good at his job, but being able to pitch the talented roster to the other puzzle pieces he seeks each offseason has to be nice.

What has been built in the Atlanta clubhouse feels like a big contributor towards getting contract extensions like Chris Sale's done. When players know an organization has the ability and desire to win, then generally they are more eager to ink a deal to stick around.

"Our lineup is just disgusting." - Jarred Kelenic

Jarred Kelenic
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The newest Braves left fielder isn't alone in this sentiment. Around the league the Braves are viewed as perhaps the best lineup in baseball. It's hard to disagree when they're coming off a season with records for team slugging percentage in a single season, and they are running out eight of the nine same everyday guys.

The one difference in the Braves lineup in 2024 will be the left field spot occupied by former Mariner Jarred Kelenic, who is replacing Eddie Rosario. Kelenic hasn't quite put together the full season that his former top prospect status led you to believe would have already happened. However, the low pressure environment that comes with batting ninth in a "disgusting lineup" has to make Kelenic feel like he's finally in the right place for his big league career to take liftoff.

"It's not a secret I want to be a Brave for life." - Ronald Acuña Jr.

Ronald Acuña Jr.
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Perhaps the most exciting quote from this offseason, was the notion that one of the best players in baseball wants to remain on your favorite team for the foreseeable future. The reigning NL MVP is already under club contract through the 2028 season, but that doesn't mean the relationship has to end there.

Just a couple days after players reported to Florida for Spring Training, RAJ let everyone know where his long-term thoughts were. This was certainly music to the ears of every Braves fan. Acuna went on to say he hopes to stay in Atlanta forever, and hopefully that is something that he and the team can make happen soon.

Put us in the camp that wants Ronald Acuna Jr. to get paid a lot of money to remain with the Braves for a lot of years. Hopefully, that very things happens soon.