The 6 best Atlanta Braves who were never recognized as All-Stars

These Braves had a lot of success with the team. Sadly, they were never rewarded with an All-Star appearance.

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There have been a lot of good Braves over the years. While many have had great seasons rewarded with an All-Star appearance, there have been several Braves to play good baseball with the Braves and never make a Midsummer Classic.

But these six players not only never got a selection with the Braves, they never got a selection in the major leagues.

Best Braves position players to never make an All-Star Game

1. Andrelton Simmons

For four seasons, the Atlanta Braves had one of the best defensive players to ever take the field.

A second-round pick in 2010, Andrelton Simmons skyrocketed through the minor leagues, hitting well but defending even better. After the Tyler Pastornicky experiment failed, the Braves called up Simmons in May of 2012 and the rookie immediately wowed fans with his glove.

Simmons didn't hit quite as well as he did in the minors, as he slashed .256/.304/.362 with the Braves but put up 15.9 bWAR in less than four seasons. Despite getting multiple Gold Gloves and MVP votes in 2013, he didn't win the hearts of All-Star voters.

Despite continuing his great defense after being traded to the Angels and hitting at a slightly above-average rate, voters still never gave Simba his due.

2. Yunel Escobar

Yunel Escobar
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Yunel Escobar's tenure with the Braves was turbulent. On one hand, he was reportedly a difficult teammate. When he was traded in 2010, the clubhouse gave his replacement a standing ovation.

On the other hand, he was incredibly talented. In his first three seasons with the Braves, Escobar put up 9.1 fWAR. In that time, only Hanley Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, José Reyes, and Troy Tulowitzki put up a higher WAR at SS in the NL.

Escobar hit 15% above league average and also played excellent defense at a premium position. Escobar only got two shots with the Braves at an All-Star selection, but he was certainly one of the better Braves without an appearance.