Taking a closer look at the Atlanta Braves 2024 starting rotation

The Atlanta Braves take a very talented rotation into the regular season.

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As spring training has reached its conclusion and anticipation builds towards Opening Day on March 28th. The Atlanta Braves have experienced a mix of fortunes during their spring training sessions, with various players showing fluctuating levels of performance. However, the Braves pitching rotation has emerged as a standout area, showcasing exceptional performances that warrant a closer examination of their prowess.

Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider, who was recently designated as the Opening Day starter, has demonstrated remarkable skill throughout spring training. Spencer ended an impressive Spring with a 0.79 ERA through 22.2 innings of work. He walked eight batters and struck out 35.

Notably, Strider has been leveraging a new curveball pitch with significant effectiveness. His projected statistics for the 2024 season include a commendable 3.69 ERA, 226 strikeouts, and a record of 15-6. With Max Fried's future with the Braves currently uncertain, Strider is poised to assume the role of the team's premier starting pitcher.

Charlie Morton

Charlie Morton, a seasoned veteran who has successfully navigated the challenges of time, has also made a strong impression during spring training. He has achieved a 2.87 ERA over 15.2 innings seven walks and 17 strikeouts.

As Morton enters what could be his final season, he is projected to have a slightly higher ERA of 4.16, with an expected 11-9 record. Despite the outcome of Morton's season, the Braves maintain confidence in their experienced pitcher, prepared to exercise patience through any potential difficulties. Last year, Morton had a solid season with a 3.64 ERA, a 14-12 record, and nearly 200 strikeouts.

Chris Sale

Chris Sale, a noteworthy addition to the Braves, is finding his groove again after a period marred by injuries and setbacks. Sale, who has been hindered by injuries in recent years, is now optimistic and healthy. The Atlanta southpaw stated this is the most normal offseason he's experienced in years so that is promising.

He has pitched very well this Spring for the Braves. His slider is still extremely sharp and the fastball velocity has been sitting in the mid-90s. He finished with a 3.07 ERA through 14.2 innings including five walks and 23 strikeouts. Sale's projections for this season include a 4.34 ERA, 122 strikeouts, and at least 130 innings pitched. His performance will be under close observation as he aims for a season free of injuries.

Max Fried

Max Fried, who still has not received a contract extension from the Braves, has faced challenges in his Spring Training appearances, recording a 5.79 ERA over 14 innings with seven walks and nine strikeouts. The command has been a little off for Atlanta's veteran ace but that likely will improve as the season gets going.

Fried, whose last season was curtailed by injury, is eager for a complete season this year. His situation with the Braves remains unresolved, with no significant progress toward a new contract. He will want to perform at the highest level during his potential final season with the Braves. Fried's projected performance for the upcoming season includes a 3.15 ERA, a 9-4 record, and 113 strikeouts.

Reynaldo Lopez

Reynaldo Lopez, who transitioned from a reliever to a starter after joining from the Cleveland Guardians, has excelled in his new role outside of allowing a few home runs. With other contenders like AJ Smith Shawver and Bryce Elder reassigned to minor leagues. Lopez has thrived, posting a 2.16 ERA over 16.2 innings with six walks and 13 strikeouts.

If Lopez continues in the starting rotation, his projections—currently a 3.74 ERA, 69 strikeouts, and a 4-5 record—might see significant adjustments. However, if he struggles in the fifth starter role, Lopez could find himself relegated to the bullpen.

As the Braves gear up for opening day, their confidence in their pitching staff is very high. Spencer Strider leads things off on the road in Philly, marking a pivotal moment for the team. Fans are highly anticipating how the team's pitchers, especially the newer additions, will perform and remain resilient throughout the season. A robust and healthy Braves rotation is poised to be a formidable force in the upcoming season, offering promising prospects for the team's performance.

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