Spencer Strider continues to prove he doesn't have any disdain for baseball fans

Spencer Strider hates fans... at least that's what rival fans want you to think. Recent events show that couldn't be further from the truth.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox
Atlanta Braves v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Last season, Spencer Strider rubbed some people the wrong way when a clip of him joking that baseball is best with empty stadiums went viral. Baseball fans all over (most of whom were not Braves fans) began labeling the Braves ace as anti-fan.

Strider recently addressed this after his first start of the 2024 season and noted that he, in fact, does like having fans at games and stated Phillies fans just didn't grasp his sarcasm.

However, that still hasn't stopped people (mostly Phillies fans) from continuing to try to perpetuate the myth that Strider hates fans. They have tried to use that as a jeer toward Spencer but he feeds off of that energy.

Spencer Strider was looking out for fans this week

Unfortunately for the Strider haters, the oxygen of that myth is running low after this week.

On Wednesday, Spencer Strider was set to take on the Chicago White Sox in what would have been an incredibly chilly, snowy, and rainy final game of the series.

Less than an hour before game time, the game was postponed. While some players were probably happy about not having to play in the cold, there were still fans who showed up to watch the game and were now left standing out in the snow for nothing.

So naturally, as Strider walked past the fans huddled by the screens by the field, he completely ignored their requests for autographs being the fan hater he is. Right?

No, of course not. The Opening Day starter made sure to stop by the remaining fans in the stands to sign some autographs. This made the trek down to Guaranteed Rate Field worth it for them and shows Strider's respect for the fanbase.

The next day, Georgia Kids Belong announced that Spencer and his wife, Maggie, were partnering with them and the Atlanta Braves Foundation to host a giveaway for foster families that would provide four free tickets to a game against the Cleveland Guardians this month.

Much to the dismay of the "Strider-hates-fans" train, it appears that he's looking to bring more fans to the ballpark, and we're happy he's doing it.

It seems odd that some baseball fans would still perpetuate this myth that Strider doesn't like having fans. However, all of these recent stories on Strider should help quell some of the talk surrounding him not liking fans at games.

Until then, Strider will continue to be a great face for the Braves organization. He makes his second start of the 2024 season on Friday evening at Truist Park. Atlanta takes on the Diamondbacks in a three-game series to begin a seven-game homestand.

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