Sights and Sounds from the Atlanta Braves clinching their 6th-straight division crown

Let's have some fun! The Braves have clinched another division title!
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Kelly Crull attempts to interview Ozzie Albies

Emphasis on attempt.

Ronnie doesn't like champagne

Ronnie's reaction says it all.

Spencer Strider's just getting started

Seven strong innings and he's just vibing now.

Money Mike might be the best dancer on the team

It's gonna be hard to beat these moves.

The catchers corner

Sean Murphy and Travis d'Arnaud have lead the club from behind the plate this year.

Austin, Kevin, and Max

For some reason, Bally decided to release this as one video. I don't see the throughline here but here it is.

AJ Minter and his title belt

AJ Minter knows how to celebrate.

Pizza party

At some point, pizza got delivered and the champagne showers turned into a pizza party.

Charlie Morton hints at retirement?

Charlie grew very introspective during his interview and seemed to hint at a retirement. While he would later walk it back, it definitely had Braves fans wondering what's next.