Ronald Acuña Jr. wants Juan Soto to join the Braves and so do fans

The Braves have a loaded lineup, but if their superstar Ronald Acuña Jr. got his wish, they might be unstoppable.
San Diego Padres v Atlanta Braves
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If you could add any player to the Atlanta Braves, who would it be? If you're Ronald Acuña Jr., the answer is Juan Soto.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Braves superstar was asked which current MLB player he'd add to the Braves if he could take anyone in baseball. He quickly responded "juan soto."

Fans quickly joined in, echoing Ronald Acuña Jr.'s support for bringing Juan Soto to the Braves. Why wouldn't they? Soto is one of the best players in baseball and would add another incredible bat to an already impressive offense.

Of course, rival fans, desperately hoping Alex Anthopoulos doesn't listen to his star player, quickly tried to find any reason to avoid Acuña next season and suggest that Acuña is tampering. Of course, this is a Hail Mary for non-Braves fans.

Ronald answering a question online doesn't mean he's tampering. If the Braves added Soto to the team, it wouldn't be just because their superstar said so. The talent and benefit to the team has to be there as well.

Whether you're a Braves fan or a fan of a rival team, the reactions are unsurprising. After all, since reaching the majors at just 19 years old, Juan Soto has been one of the best hitters in baseball. By wRC+, the Padres OF is the 4th-best hitter since 2018, with his 154 wRC+ coming behind only Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, and Yordan Alvarez.

Acuña's interest in having Soto join him on the Braves isn't surprising, either, even going beyond the stats. Since the two reached the majors, they've formed a friendly rivalry. Acuña won the Rookie of the Year in 2018, but Soto was the first to get a World Series ring. In a few weeks, the Braves RF will likely be the first to secure an MVP.

The duo has had several interviews together as well, with every single one leading to plenty of joking around. AA values clubhouse chemistry as much as he does talent so seeing how well the two gel bodes well if the team tries to make a play on Soto this offseason.

Soto also has a lot of charisma and this Braves team could use a character on their team with the kind of swagger Juan carries himself with. That is something that seemed to be missing from the Atlanta clubhouse for the most part in 2023.

The Braves aren't likely to acquire Soto this offseason but with the team declining their team option on Eddie Rosario, there is an opening in left field. Will Alex Anthopoulos make the unlikely move to appease the Braves superstar?

Regardless if it happens or not, it's fun to think about the prospect of adding a talent like Soto to an already incredible team.

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