Ronald Acuña Jr. pays homage to Braves legend in latest award reception

The NL MVP took home his newest award last night by winning the coveted Hank Aaron Award. However, it was the outfit Acuña Jr. sported that showcased his immense respect for another baseball legend.

Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays
Atlanta Braves v Tampa Bay Rays / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The final MLB awards were handed out last night at the All-MLB ceremony. To the surprise of no one the MVPs of both leagues took home their respective league's Hank Aaron award as well. Although both Acuña Jr. and Ohtani won the award last night, they will turn to battling each other for this coveted honor for years to come.

Ronald Acuña Jr. is the first Atlanta Braves player to receive the award given to the top hitter in each league, and appropriately named after the Braves icon himself, since Freddie Freeman did so in his 2020 MVP campaign.

How Acuña Jr. stole the show with his fashion

During the ceremony Acuña arrived in one of the sharpest outfits of the night. Ronald has showcased his amazing fashion sense before when he turned heads at previous All-Star game red carpets, but this outfit did so in a different way.

Across his Braves red colored suit were two distinct jersey numbers sewn in. The first was his own number 13 to Ronald's left, just beside his black tie. On the opposite side of his number was the iconic number 44 sewn in.

The same 44 that is retired by the Braves. The same 44 that was worn by the man who's award was handed out last night. The same man this very website was named after. The one and only Braves legend himself, Hank Aaron.

It was simply poetic to see the current superstar of the Braves (and perhaps of baseball for that matter) showcase his recognition of the greatest Brave of all-time. We know what Henry Aaron meant to not only this franchise, but this sport as a whole. For Ronald to recognize that and pay his respect while receiving the NL Hank Aaron Award last night is simply beautiful.

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