Ronald Acuña Jr. leaves game against Pirates after being hit by a pitch

NL MVP frontrunner and Atlanta Braves star outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. left Tuesday's game after being hit by a pitch.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs
Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Atlanta Braves fans are holding their breath after the NL MVP frontrunner left Tuesday's game after getting hit on the elbow with a pitch.

In the 6th inning of a 6-4 game, Acuña Jr. came up to bat with Colin Holderman coming into the game. On the first pitch, Holderman came inside and brushed Acuña back. His second pitch missed wide in the left-hand batter's box. Then, his third pitch struck Ronald on the elbow.

The Braves RF slammed his bat down in frustration immediately after being hit, as he often does on HBPs. Unfortunately, as he tried to walk down to 1B, he went down to his knee in pain. The Braves trainer quickly came out, and after just a few words, he followed Ronald down the tunnel.

Forrest Wall, who has only been used twice this season as a pinch-runner, came into the game to replace the Braves' star and play left field. Kevin Pillar checked into the game for Eddie Rosario and he is manning right field.

Are there any updates on Ronald Acuña Jr's injury?

At the time of this writing, there is no update. Kevin Pillar, who had come into the game earlier in the 6th as a pinch-hitter for Eddie Rosario, replaced Acuña, while Forrest Wall took over in left.

The Braves will likely dodge a bullet, as the 97 MPH fastball caught a good deal of Ronnie's elbow guard, however, any time a player leaves the game with an injury, it's best to not assume.

It's unfortunate for Acuña coming out of the game in general. The slugger led off Tuesday's game against the Pirates with his 26th homer of the season, and would take as many ABs as possible to build on his 40/40 campaign, as well as help the Braves end their three-game mini-skid.

Here's to hoping it's just a quick recovery for the 25-year-old and that we'll see him in the lineup tomorrow.