Reynaldo Lopez shares his thoughts on potentially being in the Braves rotation

Newly acquired right-hander shares his excitement and thoughts about being a part of the Braves' pitching staff.

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Reynaldo Lopez has hopped around many teams in the past 12 months, but he has ultimately ended up where he is most likely to win a ring. The right-handed hurler had a combined ERA of 3.27 across his 68 appearances between 3 teams in 2023, and has hopes of improving even more in the 2024 season.

Fangraphs expect him to have a similar impact for the Braves coming exclusively out of the bullpen, but David O'Brien of The Athletic reports that he is being stretched out as a starter at spring training so far. As of now, his long-term role is uncertain, but he has a chance to help impact the team in many different facets

High praise for the pitching staff

When Lopez first arrived on the scene of the Braves' 2024 spring training, the newcomer was greeted with an interview by Bally Sports South to ask about his expectations. He was initially asked how it was like to face the Braves on an opposing team as a pitcher, to which he responded, "It would be one of those outings where whatever happens, happens it's a kind of team that can put a little fear in you."

When asked about his offseason training to become a starter, he responded with, "I'm one of those guys who likes to work hard and train hard, and I don't really come in with a pitch limit in mind...I never go into my training thinking that I will pitch 60 innings, I always think that I will do more than that." Directly after he was asked if he was looking forward to becoming a starter. Lopez replied, "No matter what happens, I'm ready." These are some promising words to come from someone who may be called upon to play multiple roles.

One of the final questions that Lopez was asked was how dangerous this pitching staff had the potential of being, to which he responded, "Very dangerous. Good luck to the hitters." He then went on to say that they would be especially dangerous if they had everyone healthy, due to the depth of the rotation and bullpen.

Reynaldo Lopez's versatility as a pitcher makes him a very nice pickup for the Braves, since the depth of the team is already so vast. It would not be a shock to see him start games, be a long reliever, or even frequently come out of the bullpen, as he has made it very clear that he is ready to tackle any role that is assigned to him. As for now, we will see how he performs during spring training in his starter role.

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