Reynaldo Lopez channels Harry Potter and gets Pitching Ninja's seal of approval

Hogwarts professors would have been extremely impressed with the spell cast by Reynaldo Lopez during Monday's game with the Cubs.
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves
Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Atlanta Braves are battling with the Chicago Cubs in game one of a three-game set at Truist Park. Reynaldo López took the ball on Monday night and showed why the Braves brought him on as a starter for the 2024 season.

He came into the game with the third-best ERA in baseball and squared off with Japanese phenom Shōta Imanaga who is leaving his early mark on MLB in his first season in the league. However, Lopez may have just stolen the show from Imanaga with an incredible magic trick.

Reynaldo showed off his mastery of wizardry which would make the best student at Hogwarts envious. Ian Happ was Lopez's dueling partner and on a 1-2 count, the Braves righty cast one of the nastiest disarming spells ever seen. He made Happ look absolutely foolish as his bat soared into the night sky.

This caught the attention of Pitching Ninja as he shared the proof on X. He declared the pitch an expelliarmus slider. Reynaldo put every Ravenclaw member to shame with the proficiency of the spell. Braves fans didn't realize they would be treated to a magic show and a baseball game.

Reynaldo Lopez has been an unbelievable bargain so far in 2024 for the Braves

Lopez has been such an incredible surprise for the Braves and he continues to give fans a reason to love him. He ended his night after five scoreless innings with two hits, two walks, and four strikeouts. It felt like he could have gone a little longer as his pitch count was just at 71 after exiting the game.

Hopefully, nothing is wrong with Lopez as the Braves are already in limbo with a potential injury to Austin Riley. That is the last thing the team needs right now.

There is no indication of injury or anything so it could just be they didn't want him facing the Cubs lineup again. Lopez now has the second-best ERA in baseball at 1.34 which is certainly going to gain Reynaldo some early All-Star consideration.

It is fair to say that Atlanta Braves fans expected Lopez to be this good. At best, they hoped to have a great fifth starter option to eat innings but he has become one of the bright spots of 2024. In fact, the entire starting rotation has been impressive despite a rough start. Hopefully, he will treat us to many more spell-binding outings as the season progresses.

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