Reunions with 2021 trade deadline heroes isn't the answer for the Braves this year

As fun as it would be, the Braves need to consider other options than their two previous trade deadline saviors in 2024.

San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves
San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

When Jorge Soler launched a ball at 109 mph off the bat against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, it was a familiar and nostalgic sight for Braves fans. Going back to the 2021 season, Soler's prodigious power was a critical component in the Braves winning the World Series title that year with his blast in Game Six still giving chills to Braves fans (including this one) to this day. Without Soler, the Braves probably don't take down the trophy.

The Braves also almost certainly don't even get to that World Series without Eddie Rosario's heroics in the NLCS against the Dodgers where he was a one-man wrecking crew. Sure, there were specific moments where other guys shined and provided key performances, but Rosario carried the Braves' offense in that series and fans will be eternally grateful.

Both Rosaro and Soler have fallen on harder times in 2024. Soler signed a three year deal with the Giants and while he is still VERY capable of destroying baseballs, his .715 OPS in San Francisco is decidedly ordinary. As for Rosario, he was so bad with the Nationals this year outside of a glorious stretch in the first half of May that Rosario was DFAed this week to make room for top prospect James Wood.

As tempting as it is for Braves fans to push for a reunion with these two Braves postseason legends given some of the team's current struggles, they aren't the guys they should target at the trade deadline this time.

Reuniting with Soler and/or Rosario isn't the answer for the Braves at this year's trade deadline

No one is taking away what Soler and Rosario did for the Braves after being acquired at the 2021 trade deadline. However, the fact remains that they are not fits for Atlanta at this year's deadline despite their glaring need for outfield depth at the moment.

Rosario is the easiest one to explain, so we will start there. As great as Rosario was in 2021, he hasn't been close to the same player since except for VERY short stretches here and there. The Braves tried their best to make things work with Rosario after that magical run, but he only managed a .697 OPS combined in 2022 and 2023 with the Braves and his .555 OPS with Washington this year was objectively terrible.

With Jarred Kelenic settling in nicely and Michael Harris II likely to return relatively soon from his hamstring injury, there isn't room for another lefty outfielder that can't contribute consistently at the plate.

Soler has a slightly better case. Adam Duvall has struggled as the Braves' right-handed outfield option after he was pressed into service when Ronald Acuna Jr. required season-ending knee surgery. Soler also still hits the crap out of baseballs which is something the 2024 Braves have weirdly struggled to do. However, he remains a guy that is limited by his hit tool and now that he is owed $16 million a year through 2026, he is a much less appealing option than some of the rental options available on the trade market even if the Giants made him available.

Would it have been a great story for Atlanta run back their 2021 trade deadline and bring these guys back? Of course it would have. However, that story would likely result in a very different and sad ending if the Braves were to actually do it.

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