Predicting the final standings in the National League East in 2024

Atlanta Braves Photo Day
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We are approaching the end of our Atlanta Braves roundtable here at the House that Hank Built! Today, we predict the NL East standings for 2024.

The same participants are back: Chase Owens, Eric Cole, Fred Owens, Gaurav Vedak, Mitchell Barbee, Sage Broda, Shayne Nissen, Steven Teal, and myself Trent Dickeson.

All of us were pretty high on the Braves win total for the upcoming season, so it is no surprise where we have our favorite team ranked in the standings, but where do we see the rest of the division? Here we go!

Predicting the 2024 NL East Standings

Chase: I have to default to the same order as last year here. I think the Braves and Phillies are the best two teams in the East. Miami did enough to make the playoffs last year, however, I don’t think they do the same in 2024. While I think they do enough to finish ahead of the Mets, I’d be relatively surprised to see the Marlins in back-to-back postseasons given the state of their offense as currently constructed.

Eric: The Braves are the pretty clear class of the division with the Phillies a solid #2. I do think the Mets will figure some things out and find a way to finish with a winning record this year despite their sell-off. The Marlins had a chance to make some noise with the young guys they have, but seem to be squandering it. The Nationals are going to be truly bad for at least one more year unless they get really aggressive with promoting some of the studs they have in the minor leagues.

Mitchell: I expect the Braves and Phillies to finish first and second. I’m higher on the Phillies than PECOTA is. After that, I’d expect the Mets to finish comfortably in third, with the Marlins and the Nationals finishing closely together at fourth and fifth. 

Sage: I do expect the Braves to finish first in the NL. The team is too good with a deep bullpen that should allow the offense to become even more settled at the plate. At second, I think the Marlins will be a very sneaky team. They are loaded with starting pitching and a fast/pesky lineup. I don’t believe they have to hit like the Braves or Phillies to win games. The acquisition of Tim Anderson to complement a potentially healthy Jazz Chisolm will lead to an annoying team on the basepaths. Last year they snuck in, but they feel like a better team with young players starting to enter their early prime. The Phillies will continue to be tough, but I do not trust them in the middle of the season. They almost seem to need an edge to get humming and I think the Marlins pitching staff is much better. The Mets will place in fourth as they continue their rebuild, while the Nationals finish last again.

Gaurav: Braves, Phillies, Marlins, Mets, Nats. Braves and Phillies are far and away the best two teams in the division, Marlins have sneaky good pitching, the Mets, and the Nats have some interesting things happening down in their farm system. 

Steven: The Braves are winning their 7th consecutive NL East crown. After that, I think the Braves are followed by the Phillies, Mets, Marlins, and Nationals. The Marlins would be in third place had they made any significant additions this offseason but their team makeup leaves a lot to be desired. 

Fred: Braves, Phillies, Fish, Muts, Nats

Shayne: This seems dumb after the season they had last year, but I’m not a Marlins believer. They had a great season, but I look at that roster and I just think, they aren’t that good and they didn’t do anything in the offseason to get any better. The Braves and Phillies are the clear one and two, then we have the Mets, who if everything goes perfectly could contend for a wildcard spot, then for my bold prediction. I think the Nationals finish above the Marlins. There are some young and fun players on that Nationals team and I think they take a step, albeit a small one, and finish fourth in the division.

Trent: I do have the Atlanta Braves winning the division once again behind stellar performances from Ronald Acuna Jr, Spencer Strider, Austin Riley, and company. I do, however, think the Phillies make it an interesting race this year. I do not see them sputtering out the gate like they have. In third, I will have the New York Mets as I think they have a chance to compete for a wild card spot. Honestly, they have had a really good past few months in my opinion since the 2023 deadline. While I do not see them being championship contenders, I think they are on the right path. On the other side, I think the Marlins took a step back. Injuries to both Sandy Alcantara and Eury Perez weaken their rotation. They have been great at developing pitching, so I do expect them to be at least solid there still but without the frontline talent. I am worried the hitting will not be good enough for the fish though. Add in the negative run differential from last year probably signifying some serious regression and I think they take a step back. I think the Nationals finish last but that is no surprise. They are not trying to compete currently. I do like the prospects they have in the system combined with some of the young talent on the roster and think they could be a team to watch in the coming years if it all clicks.