Players fans won't believe were on the Atlanta Braves opening day roster since 2018

Making the Opening Day roster can be a big honor for baseball players, but sometimes, fans forget they were ever on the roster as the years go by.
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
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This year's Opening Day roster for the Atlanta Braves will feature plenty of familiar faces, from prospects-turned superstars like Ronald Acuña Jr., multi-stinters like Adam Duvall and Jesse Chavez, and new faces like Chris Sale.

Every year, however, there are a few faces that even the most intense Braves fans forget were ever on the roster to begin with, not even to mention the Opening Day roster.

We'll be looking at 17 players from the last six Opening Days that you probably forgot were on the roster.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies / Patrick Duffy/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages


Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart was one of the last guys on the depth chart when he made the Opening Day roster in 2018. Somehow, two games into the season, his addition was wise, as both Kurt Suzuki and Tyler Flowers went down with injuries.

Stewart ended up playing five games for the Braves before being DFA'd on April 4. He had three hits for the team.

Rex Brothers

Rex Brothers had pitched poorly for the 2017 Braves but somehow found a way onto the 2018 Opening Day roster.

On Opening Day, he came in for Julio Teheran in the 6th, walked J.P. Crawford, walked Maikel Franco, and then came out of the game.

He had an INF ERA, was sent down to the minors, and then never pitched for the Braves again.

Peter Bourjos

Bourjos' tenure with the Braves lasted longer than Stewart's or Brothers', but not by much. He made the team out of Spring Training after the Braves decided that a certain 20-year-old future MVP wasn't quite ready to be called up.

Bourjos played 18 games and slashed .120/.185/.160 in 27 plate appearances before the Braves decided it was time for Ronald Acuña Jr. to make his debut. When the Braves called up Acuña, they DFA'd Bourjos.

However, after re-signing and heading to the minors, the eventual Rookie of the Year injured his knee and missed a month, Bourjos eventually came back up (although he had to wait a few days because of a weird roster stipulation.)

Bourjos stuck with the Braves until the end of June when he was again DFA'd and eventually released. He was teammates with Ronald Acuña Jr. for exactly two days.