Kevin Pillar just hinted that he could have played his last game with the Braves

One of the Braves' pending free agents sure sounds like he may be headed elsewhere this offseason.
Sep 29, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Braves left fielder Kevin Pillar (17) slides for a ball
Sep 29, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Braves left fielder Kevin Pillar (17) slides for a ball / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the Atlanta Braves pretty loaded throughout their lineup, it is fair to wonder about the future of bench guys like Kevin Pillar. There doesn't seem to be a lot of playing time to go around with so many roster spots locked up through at least next season and the DH in the National League, so guys like Pillar have to decide how much they want to play at this stage in their career.

Pillar was perfectly reasonable in the role with the Braves he was cast in this season. He would start in left field against tough lefties over Eddie Rosario and pinch-hit on occasion. His .664 OPS at the plate this season wasn't amazing, but he didn't have to be lights out with how the rest of the offense produced.

Based on a recent tweet, it sure sounds like Pillar is at least entertaining the possibility that his time with the Braves has come to an end.

Kevin Pillar's time with the Braves has seeming come to an end

The move isn't all that surprising considering the state of the Braves' roster. Eddie Rosario has a club option for $9 million next season and it sounds like the Braves are planning on picking up that option. Even in a world where the Braves decided to sign an everyday left fielder as an upgrade over Rosario, bringing back Pillar wouldn't make much sense especially if Kevin is looking for more playing time.

That said, Pillar had some big moments, especially early in 2023, with the Braves and it will be a bit sad to see him go. However, his departure shouldn't impact the team all that much in 2024 even if it means Atlanta will have to find another backup outfielder at some point this offseason.

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