How Ohtani's Injury Could Give Atlanta Braves a Chance to Sign Him in 2024

Ohtani's torn UCL could steer him to a short-term deal to give him time to rehab and prove he can still pitch before locking down a long-term contract. With this change in circumstances, we take a look at how the Braves could be a contender to sign Shohei Ohtani.
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The Atlanta Braves are not necessarily in the market for a big bat this offseason. The Braves lead all of baseball in runs, RBIs, HRs, batting average, etc... This offseason, it is more likely that the Braves are in the market for starting pitching.

One of the best pitchers in the game just happens to also be one of the best hitters. Shohei Ohtani is at the top of any fan's free agent wish list this offseason. Ohtani was on his way to a $500,000+ deal before he tore his UCL. Ohtani will no longer pitch next year and has a long road back to the mound.

So, the Braves were not going to be in on Ohtani prior to the injury. They don't overpay for players and that's what you generally have to do to get superstars. Alex Anthopoulos (God bless him) let Dansby Swanson, Josh Donaldson, and Freddie Freeman walk because he stuck to his guns on assessing a dollar value for their production.

Generally, not only do you overpay but you pay too long. Anthopoulos has proven that he can usually find a much better value, allowing him to absolutely load the team up with talent.

Now that Ohtani will only be a bat next season he might seek a short-term contract to prove he's still... Ohtani. What does that mean for the Braves?